2nd XI at Home v Thorner Mexborough

By Skipper Alex Smickersgill

2nd XI at Home v Thorner Mexborough
29th June 2019

Since Gun rolled into town there has been a bit of a Clint Eastwood feel to Crossgates 2nd team and certainly on Saturday against Thorner we witnessed the full cast of ‘The Good, the Bad and the Ugly’.

Let’s start with the good; Adil is undergoing a breakthrough season. For the second week in a row he got his top score for Crossgates. His 67 was a controlled mix of patience and brutality. Shot selection has massively improved and Adil is now emerging as a threat to any opposition attack. He was ably backed up by Tahir. Tahir has a straightforward method: 1)  see ball, 2) hit ball. The adventurous approach of this pair brought an opening stand of 53 inside 10 overs.

Also in the good column: Ian Medlicott, playing with intelligence and craft, to put together a beautifully compiled 45. This was an innings that was properly constructed. (Skipper please note). Sam continues to add real hostility to his bowling. Paul got some real rip off the pitch and came within a coat of varnish that has been half sanded off of bowling Thorner’s star bat. Neither Paul’s nor Sam’s figures do them justice at 2-42 and 1-39 respectively. Karam also bowled with control on his debut.

The bad and the ugly can be pretty well merged. I mentioned Ian’s intelligent batting. Watching the skipper bat would lead any doctor to switch off the life support machine. There was no brain activity there. A skipper should always lead but sadly in this case other senior players followed. However, whilst the innings was too reliant on 3 players, the skipper for one was convinced that 175 was a defendable total. However unlike last week we were unable to bowl stump to stump and haemorrhaged runs at an alarming rate. 19 wides and no balls compared to 4 last week tells a story. Consequently Thorner knocked off the requisite runs for 3 down and with overs to spare.

What do we learn? Never assume the total is enough. Some players (Adil in particular) are making great strides and the skipper needs to RAISE HIS GAME.

Up the Gates.

Man of the match: Adil

Fielding point: Ian

The ‘Thanks for coming, we’ll let you know about next week ‘ award: the Skipper

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