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President: Mr. D. Willoughby Chairman Mr. W. Filer
Tel. 01287 634404
Treasurer: Mrs. S. Filer
Tel. 01287 634404
Secretary: Mrs. H. Arbon

The club was formed in 1973 by a small group of trials enthusiasts and meets on the first Thursday of every month at Guisborough Cricket Club from 9pm. It is affiliated to the East Yorks Centre of the Auto Cycle Union and caters for trials riders only. For an annual fee riders can practice their skills on varied terrain leased from Guisborough Estates. The practice are is open on Thursday nights during the summer months from 5pm and all day Saturdays, Sundays and bank holidays from 9:30am to dusk. Note that the practice area is CLOSED on dates when there is an organised trial taking place (about six per year), and the Sunday before Boxing Day to allow setting up of our Boxing Day Fancy Dress Trial. See the events calendar list for dates.

Membership forms can be obtained by e-mailing Bill Filer, telephoning 01287-634404 or by attending any club meeting at Guisborough Cricket Club.

Current membership fees are:

Membership (16+) £8.00
Membership (under 16s) £6.00
Practice Pass £31.00
Gate Key £11.00

You must obtain membership, pass and key to use the practice facility. If a group or family are using it together one key will suffice. All members are reminded that they must keep within the boundary fences and obey the instructions of our three Wardens. Practice passes must be displayed on their machines at all times when at the practice area.

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