2019 is Crossgates CC’s 120th Anniversary

Crossgates Cricket Club are members of The Wetherby Cricket League.

The club was established in 1899 playing in the Barkston Ash League, originally called the Crossgates Wesleyans and subsequently changing their name to Crossgates CC in the late 1930s. The ground used to be on top of the hill originally, moving down to where it is now in the 1930s. It also used to be surrounded by trees.

The first captain of the club was Mr. R. B. Bell, who was Managing Director of Crossgates Picture House on Station Road, somewhere near the Station Pub. He was the only one to have a car and he used to travel to the matches, the other players used to get the train or bus to the matches.



Around 25 years ago the square was played the other way round but the sun used to get in your eyes in the late summer months, so the committee decided to change it round to its present positon.


In recent years the club has invested much of its efforts in developing junior cricketers, many of whom now represent the club at senior level. Aspiring young cricketers are always welcome at Crossgates, and are assured of quality coaching and guidance under the watchful eyes of qualified ECB coaches.

The club is proud, not only of the progress that many of our juniors have made within Crossgates CC, but also of the fact that many have also played representative cricket in regional and national competitions.

The club motto ‘Animus Probitas’ translates broadly as courage and honesty. These are values which are held true at all levels within Crossgates Cricket Club.

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